Lomography commissioned me to test their Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens. Being made for the Leica MP mount, I took it on a stroll along with the Lomography 800 35mm color film. Over various trips through the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland i've been taken some photographs which Lomography used for commercial / marketing purposes. Shooting Ultra-Wide was a bit out of my comfort-zone while normally I am more focused on intimate work using 35 and 50 primes.

Commissioned project

Teenager girl chilling against the wall, child girl hanging on door handle
Reflection of a the city skyline seen in the glass of a subway station
Dressed up Mannequins seen through a window
Pile of garbage overgrown by nature seen through a fence
Girls with hoodies chilling waiting for the subway
Collapsed building covered with snow
Looking trough the structure of a destroyed building covered in snow
The collapsed roof of a destroyed building covered in snow
Old volvo covered in snow, parked in the street
Happy elderly woman holding a green umbrella
Glass front door of a barber shop