Absolut Vodka X Baskets

During the pandemic in 2021, Absolut Vodka teamed up with three Dutch fashion stores to create the project: Together We Connect. Every store represented one creator who photographed a series of their surroundings with one key image of a bridge in their city, a symbol for connection. Baskets Amsterdam commissioned me for this project and my series shows a typical representation of Amsterdam. The key images of three bridges in Amsterdam (photo 1), The Hague and Venlo (done by the other two photographers) were printed and sold on a limited tee.

Commissioned Project

Reflection of 'de magere brug' seen in the Amstel Canal
Reflection of an elderly man holding an umbrella seen in the water of the Amstel canal
Picture of the CINEAC building
Little girl eating ice cream in the Amsterdam streets
Group of pigeons flying through the air
A building saying "JESUS LOVES YOU"
Silhouette of the side of a man in front, classical buildings with big white and grey clouds in the back
Man sitting on a bench reading the newspaper