de correspondent: koos neuvel

Portraits of journalist Koos Neuvel, who lost his daughter to an eating disorder. Several times she was forced into a psychiatrical hospital - where the 'help' felt more as a punishment - which made her condition even worse. After years of doing research Koos Neuvel wrote his book 'de Dwangbuis', which states that forced intakes always been the backbone of psychiatry and often does more wrong than good. He also writes about a way to approve the treatment of forced psychiatry.

Commissioned Work

Published in de Correspondent, 31st of October 2023

Koos seen from below, mouth part of the face hidden behind his hands that are in the foreground
Koos photographed from the front
Zoom of koos hand on an open book that he is reading
Koos his book named 'dwangbuis' standing up against a white wall
Koos his face