de Volkskrant: Femicide

Femicide is murder on a woman for being a woman. Approximately every 8 days in the Netherlands, there's a woman being murdered due to a crime passionel, mostly by the hand of their partner. To raise awareness about this actual topic, Volkskrant Magazine commissioned me in June 23' to tell the story of 3 families who lost a child, a mother and a sister due to femicide. Photography alongside the article written by Milou Deelen.

Published in Volkskrant Magazine, 24th of June 2023

Silhouette of a man with big nose and glasses in foreground, framed picture of a woman in the background
Elderly couple sitting at the table, picture of two children hanging on the wall behind them
Newspaper article about a woman who was murdered by her ex boyfriend
Woman wearing dress with flower print on yellow high heels standing in kitchen opening refrigerator
Woman wearing dress with flower print playing piano, photographed from behind
Middle aged woman wearing dress with flower print sitting on a red chair, red hath in the front
Middle aged woman face half covered with framed portrait of a girl that is in front of her
Picture of two girls behind textured glass