het markttheater

Het Markttheater is a collective of young actors, who bring free theater once a week to the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam. Since spring 2023 they commissioned me for their campaign photographs, posters, zines, but also to document their shows and the neighborhood. As lively and multicultural the Dappermarkt might be, these guys wanted more positive energy around the area. The theatre and their shows have a humoristic, positive character, but also put a spot on actual serious topics like homelessness and the shortage of housing in Amsterdam. The social aspect of the theatre it's that it connects the neighborhood and brings it's people together.

Commissioned Project

Men in costumes singing on stage
Men on stage pointing at the sky
Girl in surinamese clothing in front of a market stall
Man with glasses and a cap
Man performing with a guitar on stage
Bearded man smoking a sigaret, lying on the grass
Muslim lady photographed form behind
man holding showing vegetables
Group of women in surinamese clothing
Woman Praying
Woman holding umbrella
Woman smoking sigar
Man with bun standing behind a table
2 girls pushing forward a shoppin cart containing tow other girls
Flying haron above persons head