de correspondent:
decathlon dilemma

'How to reduce your carbon footprint if you also want to be the biggest?' This is a question Decathlon struggles with. For opinion paper de Correspondent I was commissioned to photograph a Dutch Decathlon warehouse, where they give products 'a second life'. Consumers can send their used articles to get them repaired instead of ordering a new product. A small step for a big organization in reducing their carbon footprint. Photography alongside the article written by Emy Demkes.

Published in de Correspondent, 29th of November 2023

Man in decathlon repair shop
Man in tent holding flashlight looking at tent roof
Storage room filled with dozens of racks frilled with shoes
Man in decathlon repair shop seen trough a wheel
Boxes filled with second hand cloting.
Employee piking up 4 weight discs
Cart board trash box
Woman inside of tent checking tent material