old money

In 2022 I started working at the leading art fair ‘TEFAF’ for ‘Bijl- van Urk master paintings’, an art dealer specialized in ‘Old Masters’, mostly seventeenth century. While being on commission for ‘Bijl- van Urk’, I got surprised by the surrealistic world this ‘art world’ was to me, the enormous amounts of money art dealers had attached to their art pieces, but most of all the types of people who attended events like this. Joining fairs such as ‘TEFAF’ comes with a lifestyle I guess: private jets, ‘Bentleys’ and jewelry aren’t an exception here. Intrigued by what I saw there, I decided to start a series about this unrealistic world of wealth, next to my commissioned work.

Also commissioned for this client, I worked at ‘PAN’- a similar art fair - the same year and until today I attend both events yearly, while documenting them. What I quickly noticed is that - besides the average age of the attendee’s being somewhere between 60 and 80 years old - many of them come from a long bloodline of wealth. For that reason, I’ve decided to name my ongoing series: ‘Old Money’. There is not any judgement to that name, neither to the guests of those events, just every time I walk around there I get intrigued by this lifestyle.

Personal Project

Woman holding luxurious purse photographed from the back
Man moving to sit down on a small stool
Woman wearing fancy aqua colored hath, drinking a glass of champagne. Photographed from behind.
Male hands holding a glass of wine
Woman looking through a tinted and textured window
Little girl holding parents hand
Elderly man with a bandage on his upper forehead
Elderly with expensive jewelry scratching behind her left lear
Fancy elderly woman smoking a cigarette outside
Zoom of 2 mens pair of legs and its shadows
The big back of a man wearing a suit
Silhouette of elderly man
Pair of legs of a woman
Elderly woman starting at painting of Jezus
Man moving a planter
Child hiding behind its parent
Man standing in front of a painting depicting a man from the 17th century
Elderly couple having a drink
Picture of a couple sitting
Mans who's jacket has been spilled on with a drink
Fancy elderly lady reading the newspaper
Elderly man sitting and drinking a glass of white wine, the man his face is half hidden behind the person standing in front of him.
People drinking champagne sitting at a table decorated with red, purple and pink flowers
Man sitting and looking on his phone
Chandelier in front of an old painting
Couple sitting on a bench